Now Available: AXIS Q1615 MK II Fixed Network Camera

High-speed excellence with i-CS lens.

AXIS Q1615 MK II Fixed Network Camera image

AXIS Q1615/-E MK II are the world's first CS-mount cameras supporting the new industry standard lens, called i-CS lens. These cameras will also be Axis' first network cameras to deliver up to 120 fps in HDTV 720p and up to 60 fps in HDTV 1080p. The Scene Profiles makes it possible for users to choose among Forensic, Live and Traffic overview. By choosing one or the other, the camera automatically adjusts exposure time, white balance, aperture, sharpness, contrast and noise in order to obtain the best video quality for the requested surveillance. The outdoor-ready model AXIS Q1615-E Mk II, offers a robust aluminum casing with several characteristics that can facilitate installation and maintenance. On top of this, the latest AXIS Q1615/-E MK II provide the same camera features as the rest of AXIS Q16 Series. 

Key Features 

  • Highly performant and reliable.
  • Worlds’ first camera with i-CS lens. 
  • Axis’ first camera with Scene Profiles.
  • Axis’ fastest camera with 120 fps in HDTV 720p.
  • Enhanced light sensitivity and WDR-Forensic Capture.