Introducing Honeywell X-618 Public Address System and Unified Notification Platform

Honeywell introduces the new X-618 Public Address (PA) System and supporting speakers. This IP-based system is designed to serve all types of paging purposes and comes with cutting-edge features and a highly-effcient compact platform – convenient for designing and maintaining a wide range of medium to large-sized applications.

The Unified Notification Platform (UNP) an industry-leading, software solution to enable mass notification tailored to the needs of the end-user. UNP is an open platform that interconnects disparate systems within a mass notification ecosystem, or MNE. With UNP, emergency notifications are sent simultaneously to thousands of end-points on various communication platforms.

The Voice of Safety

Fully IP-based

  • Integrates with all devices with IP addresses, expandable via Ethernet
  • Extended point capacity supports larger and more complex installations (up to 250 controllers)

Multiple Audio Inputs

  • RCA, XLR, internal network, internal storage (1GB flash memory)

Flexible Audio Routing

  • 4x8 audio matrix, 4 simultaneous audio outputs, 8 amplifier channels

Fast Troubleshooting

  • Flexible 8+1 or 4+1 amplifier backup
  • Configurable speaker line supervision

Honeywell X-618 Public Address System

Minimized System Downtime

  • Flexible 8+1 or 4+1 amplifier backup
  •  Automatic fault diagnosis

Optimal Volume 

  • Automatic volume level control

Remote Zone Monitoring

  •  Zone broadcast auditing

Easy Configuration

  • Quick and convenient programming
  • Field-upgradeable firmware with easy system updates