Order a Complete RMR Industrial Enclosure under One Part Number


Chatsworth Products (CPI) has taken its IT infrastructure expertise into industrial environments with RMR® Industrial Enclosures. RMR (pronounced “armor”) enclosures are advanced storage solutions engineered with cutting-edge sealing technology to protect and secure equipment. 

The enclosures defend equipment in harsh environments and have NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 protection ratings to verify defense against solid foreign objects and liquid ingresses.

Simplified Ordering Process

Customers can purchase an industrial enclosure with accessories, including air conditioning, under one part number using the CPI Product Designer. This free, online configuration tool provides a high level of customization by streamlining the process of configuring the exact frame size, mounting system, doors, panel work and ventilation that is required. CPI’s Product Designer guides customers through the steps and selections necessary to create a unique enclosure, links everything to a single part number for easy ordering and tracking and includes a generated bill of material, drawings, 3D models and sales documents.

Unequaled Level of Customization

CPI offers an unequaled level of customization that sets it apart from other companies, and RMR is no exception. Ordering an industrial enclosure through CPI means you can have it made to your unique specifications. Changes in size or color, and the option of having accessories installed by CPI before it leaves the factory can save time and money. More detailed modification may also be requested to match particular industrial equipment-mounting requirements.