Security Integrator P2 Controls Diversifies with Anixter Lead Generation


East coast security integrator P2 Controls specializes in designing, installing and maintaining security systems for U.S. correctional facilities, from juvenile to super-maximum security. P2 Controls’ personnel are well equipped to deal with the unique challenges posed by these highly restricted environments. Their engineers and technicians possess extensive knowledge of the correctional market and are certified in the specific security systems that they install.

Beyond their expertise in this market, what sets the Pennsylvania-based company apart is their commitment to customer service. “We’re not a huge company, but we excel at providing one-on-one service for our end users and clients,” says P2 Controls Vice President Nick Carman.

That is something they look for in their partners as well. Anixter has supplied equipment to P2 Controls for about 10 years, and Carman has noticed the same commitment from his Anixter account representatives.

“I think that really needs to be pointed out. You don’t see that kind of customer service these days. With a lot of people buying online, there’s no one-on-one communication anymore. Overall, we’re very happy with Anixter’s customer service, especially from the home office close to us, both the inside and outside sales. I think that’s a definite value that we don’t see with a lot of other distributors in the marketplace right now.”

Five years ago, Anixter made a push to bring up projects that P2 Controls normally would not have considered. “It started with a large project for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare,” says Carman. “A lot of their hospitals were upgrading their existing CCTV systems, and our Anixter account manager brought that to our attention and really followed through with it. We ended up successfully bidding on the project and getting contracts for six or seven sites throughout the state.”

Building upon that mutually beneficial collaboration, Anixter’s outside sales team continues to provide lead generations, and the effort goes both ways. “We get together at least once a month with Anixter’s outside sales guys, and they let us know what they have in their pipeline and vice versa,” says Carman.

Anixter continues to support P2 Controls on new builds, such as a ground-up construction in Cape May, New Jersey, and existing maintenance contracts such as P2 Controls’ contract with Ocean County, New Jersey. As the go-to distributor for these projects, Anixter takes care of details like sourcing. Carman says, “That saves us from looking around for the best value for the materials that we normally purchase.”

With Anixter focused on providing great customer service, lead generation and competitive pricing on best-in-class technologies, P2 Controls can spend more time focused on providing the very best service to their clients.

Photo provided by P2 Controls. Polk Center is one of the project sites that P2 Controls serves.