Panduit Infrastructure Solutions for Industrial Networking

Design and deploy a network infrastructure on the plant floor to enable information sharing and real-time decision making.

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As global leaders in connectivity, Panduit infrastructure leads, and empowers, the way we work, live, and communicate. Panduit offers a variety of infrastructure solutions to meet your industrial networking needs. These solutions allow manufacturers to share information in new ways to support increasing production demands.

Featured Products

Industrial Copper Cabling and Connectivity products have the purpose to provide real-time analytics, eliminate downtime, all while improving energy efficiency and the total cost of ownership so that you get the full experience of Panduit connection. Panduit offers a variety of products to meet your industrial networking needs.

IndustrialNet™ Copper Cabling

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Industrial Connectivity

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Integrated Network Zone Enclosures

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IndustrialNet™ Category 6A SF/UTP Copper Cable provides reliability and high performance as an integral component of the end-to-end solution for industrial Ethernet based communications networks.

Leaders in the connectivity market, Panduit delivers IndustrialNet™ Overmolded Cordsets. With a full offering of cordsets, including D-Code, X-Code and A-Code. In addition, IndustrialNet™ TX6™ PLUS Connectors provide an ideal solution to support Industrial Ethernet from the Local Area Network (LAN) based support offices to the processing devices on the plant floor.

The Panduit Integrated Network Zone Systems are designed to rapidly deploy an EtherNet/IP network between the enterprise and plant floor. Integrated switches, connectivity and power features minimize engineering and installation time resulting in up to 75% faster implementation.