Panduit PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Management


Maximize Space Utilization, Enhance Network Reliability.

The trend towards consolidation, virtualization and automation in the enterprise is driving the need to maximize space utilization to reduce capital expenditures and operational costs while maintaining network reliability and availability. This trend is placing greater demands on the physical infrastructure to help manage growing cable densities, larger network equipment and increasing energy usage.

Panduit’s comprehensive offering of vertical cable management, horizontal cable management, and rack solutions reduces space required to route, manage and protect high cable capacities, providing the lowest total cost of ownership. These product sets can be combined to provide an optimized solution for virtually any application.

PatchRunner™ 2 Vertical Cable Management Systems address the needs of the data center and telecommunications rooms to deliver improved network performance and reduced real estate costs. Superior cable management features and innovative vertical RU mounting maximize capacity and enable efficient moves, adds, and changes to reduce operational costs.

Features and Benefits

PatchRunner™ 2 Vertical Cable Managers are designed to provide the best combination of features and value for high density enterprise telecommunications rooms and data center applications.

  • NEW Improved door function - “Push-to-close” door design allows for easy operation
  • NEW Dual hinged doors are included - Doors ship with managers, simplifying ordering process with less packaging waste 
  • NEW Integrated door brackets No brackets to install; faster installation while reducing labor costs 
  • NEW Color options Managers and doors are available in black and white 
  • NEW High Density with increased cable capacity - Up to 17% more usable capacity over existing PRV Vertical Managers 
  • Curved fingers - Support cables as they transition to vertical pathway eliminating need for horizontal managers 
  • Individual fingers - Aligns with rack spaces to simplify cable routing changes 
  • Integral bend radius control - Maintains cable bend radius ensuring network performance and system reliability 
  • Optional snap on vertical retainers and slack management spools are also available