Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit

Looking to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to energy-efficient LED?

Philips EvoKit LED makes it easier and more affordable than ever to make the transition. These revolutionary retrofit lamps are compatible with both standard and narrow T-grids, and they can be fitted without entering your ceiling.

EvoKit LED gives any space a stunning new look and feel with its unique architectural styling. The lamps are sized to replace 2’ x 4’ and 2’x2’ troffers, and they produce bright, high-quality light while using minimal energy.The system comes with a dimming driver (Either 0-10 or Mark10) as standard, helping you to meet energy and code compliance standards such as ASHRAE 90.1

Enjoy performance and value

Cost savings

Compared to fluorescent, EvoKit LED Retrofit Kits are energy efficient and dimmable to help reduce maintenance and operating costs. Connected lighting options help to further optimize lighting-related energy expenses. Additionally, EvoKit is a more cost-effective solution than complete luminaire renovations because of its low price and reduced project scrap, and can be installed in less than five minutes without tools or the need to enter the ceiling space.


With performance as high as 118 LPW, which is on par or better with new fixtures, and a lifetime of 70,000 hours, you may reduce your payback period for energy savings and also qualify for rebates.


Reduce energy consumption and costs further with 0-10V, Mark 10 and Step/ Bi-level dimming options. Mark 10 dimming adds dimming over line voltage without time-consuming and costly wiring, while Step/Bi-level dimming satisfies Title 24 requirements.

Philips EvoKit 2x2 image


In addition to the stylish, modern aesthetics, EvoKit helps to support sustainability goals and mandates with LED’s long life and energy savings, and reduction in scrap materials compared to a complete replacement.

Easy to Install

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