Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit

Looking to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to energy-efficient LED?

Looking to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to energy-efficient LED? Fast-track project payback by selecting EvoKit. With its low price, reduced project scrap, and simple five minute installation EvoKit is a more cost-effective solution for renovation projects than a full luminaire replacement. Payback starts on day one as Evokit lowers operating expenses with energy efficiency of up to 149 lumens per watt. The kits are dimmable and sized to replace most 2’x4’ 2’x2’ and 1’x’4 fluorescent troffers with a sleek and modern look that will conveniently transform your workspace.

The new EvoKit click offers economical options for any retrofit project, as well as bulk packaging (4 to a pack) for reduced project scrap, while the Evokit gen 4 offers many additional design and connectivity options for a high level of energy-saving LED performance.

Enjoy performance and value

Cost savings

Compared to fluorescent, EvoKit LED Retrofit Kits are energy efficient and dimmable to help reduce maintenance and operating costs. Connected lighting options help to further optimize lighting-related energy expenses. Additionally, EvoKit is a more cost-effective solution than complete luminaire renovations because of its low price and reduced project scrap, and can be installed in less than five minutes without tools or the need to enter the ceiling space.


High efficacy/low wattage for maximum rebates and energy savings.  DLC Premium models among highest efficacies on market available (up to 149 lm/w). New luminaire aesthetic with LED lifetime>70K hours.

Dimming and controls options from simple to sophisticated

Reduce energy consumption and costs with Mark 10 dimming, which eliminates the need for costly wiring. All standard models come with 0-10V dimming, Gen4 models dim down to 1%. From simple occupancy and daylight sensing to cloud connected data reporting, EvoKit supports a control platform to suit your need and budget.

Philips EvoKit 2x2 image

Value without compromise

All EvoKit products come with Phlips 5-year limited warranty. All EvoKits are powered by Advance drivers and modules.


In addition to the stylish, modern aesthetics, EvoKit helps to support sustainability goals and mandates with LED’s long life and energy savings, and reduction in scrap materials compared to a complete replacement.

Easy to Install

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