Introducing Trulifi from Signify

Where there’s light… there can be wireless communication through LiFi.

The benefits of Trulifi:
Trulifi, Signify's LiFi system, let's you make an internet connection through light. It is a two-way wireless connection that is reliable, secure and fast. In addition, the energy efficient LED lights lead to more than 80% of electricity savings compared to conventional lighting.

Reliable network  image

Reliable network
Trulifi is immune to radio signal interference so it's ideal in places where many networks overlap, think multi-tenant offices, hotels or busy transport hubs. It's also perfect  where radio communication systems don't work well, like in aircraft or industrial plants.

Secure communication image

Secure communication
Trulifi uses AES 128-bit encryption. Information is accessed using a USB access key. An extra layer of security is built-in, as light waves can't penetrate walls. This all helps to make Trulifi as secure as wired communication. Perfect for applications where security is paramount.

High data rate image

High data rate
Trulifi has a net data rate up to 250 Mbps for the downlink and the uplink. It is fast enough to stream 30 1080p HDTV movies simultaneously. It acts like a wireless cable with a guaranteed net data rate.