Proxim 825

Proxim’s new Tsunami® 825 compact product line reduces the footprint of the enclosure by seventy-five percent (75%) when compared to the the current Tsunami 8200, while maintaining Tsunami’s advanced 4G WORP® feature set. This small form factor enables wireless ISPs to easily deploy high performance wireless broadband networks, and security integrators to deploy low profile wireless video surveillance where needed.
In addition, the IP67 all aluminum enclosure provides uncompromising reliability in extreme weather conditions.

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Video Surveillance and Security Markets

Wireless networks are a key element in deploying IP based video surveillance. With wireless networks delivering 50-70% cost saving compared to deploying wired option (copper or fiber), Tsunami 825 series products ruggedized, compact footprint will serve the needs of security integrators with flexible mounting options. The small size is also critical in this application as the 825 will be able to be installed where the cameras need to be, not where the wires are.

Key Features of Tsunami 825

  • Powered by WORP: Tsunami 825 products are powered by Proxim’s proprietary and unique deterministic WORP protocol which delivers increased overall net throughput and performance, especially in dense device applications. Also, utilizing smart scheduling algorithms, WORP enables more concurrent Subscriber Units (SUs) to be active in a wireless multipoint environment with managed delivery of quality of service (QoS) with low latency and jitter.
  • Compact form factor: The 825 is a compact outdoor unit only 4.96 x 8.62 x 2.58 in and weighing only 2.1lbs - a footprint reduced by 75% when compared to 8100/8200 SUs - making installation quick and easy with robust scalability for WISP or video surveillance deployments.
  • Easy to install: Wide angle (30°) antenna to quickly pick up Base Station signal associated with LED indicator to finalize alignment for optimum performance.
  • Extended coverage: High power radio capable of up to 26 dBm Tx power to extend the range and coverage.
  • Robust IP67 grade metal enclosure: The IP-67 rated 825 radios provides better ingress protection from extreme outdoor weather conditions compared the more common IP-65 rated enclosure.
  • Seamless roaming: With Proxim’s own roaming technology, 825 CPE are able to operate with low latency handoffs and support real-time applications even at speeds of up to 93 mph (150 km/h).
  • Wide range frequency support: The 825 offers frequency support from 5.150 to 5.925 GHz for applications and regions throughout the world.
  • Product line compatibly: The 825 CPE can be paired with any of our Tsunami 8000 series base stations.
  • Extremely secure: Tsunami 825 provides secure remote management via SSL, SSH and SNMPv3, it also leverages MAC, Ether type and IP address packet filtering for granular network security and implements AES encryption technology to secure client-to-client communications.

Tsunami 825 Product Lines

The launch of Tsunami 825 compact, high-power and cost-effective wireless solution comprises of three product lines:

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