SiteSecure Partners with Anixter for Increased Demand and ROI

SiteSecure project

SiteSecure, a Miller Electric company founded in 2003 and based out of Orlando, Florida, specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of IP-based security solutions in both the public and private sectors.

Anixter has been working with and introducing new customers to SiteSecure since 2006. During that time SiteSecure has realized increased returns on investment through their partnership with Anixter. “Anixter’s field sales team creates opportunity,” says Andy Bowman, senior project manager at the company. He admits it is difficult to quantify the value of those business opportunities; however, “Sometimes all that customer needs to hear from Anixter is, ‘Yeah, those SiteSecure guys are really good,’ and that may be all it takes to tip the scales in our favor to get that next opportunity.”

The Miller Electric philosophy is focused on fostering collaborative relationships for developing the best solutions. Miller Electric CEO Henry Brown says, “The company takes a long-term view to everything, both customers and employees. This allows us to develop trusting relationships where employees, customers and vendors can all work together toward collaborative solutions.”

Anixter and SiteSecure’s largest joint customer is a multi-division railway company that requires support on a national scale to ensure standardization and continuity of product, brand, deployment and maintenance under a single service platform.

“We support the customer nationwide from a five-year warranty standpoint. We are buying extended warranties with the hardware and maintaining throughout the warranty period, so reliability is important to them,” says Bowman. “The outside sales folks and technical consultants at Anixter coordinate with our project management teams to make sure that we are on the same page and collaborating on product solutions when we meet independently with the customer.”

SiteSecure and Anixter call independently on the railway company, but they maintain a true, mutually supportive partnership. “When we run into a dead end or are struggling to get call backs or not as much traction, we share contacts to let each other know who to talk to,” says Bowman.

Anixter has also helped SiteSecure to simplify warranty registration. Registering cameras for extended warranties is normally a lengthy, tedious process. “What Anixter does that makes it so much easier on us is they actually put the serial number of the product that we ship on the invoice,” says Bowman. “That makes it so much simpler for us to register the extended warranty on the manufacturer’s website, just cutting and pasting off the electronic invoice. It’s a huge time-saver for us, and our other distributors don’t do that.”

Recently, Anixter referred SiteSecure to a customer based in Texas that wants a local installer partner for a project they are deploying in Jacksonville. According to Bowman, Anixter helps drive this kind of new business for SiteSecure and increase their ROI, which is not something the typical distributor does for their customers.

“There are a lot of distributors out there that don’t have sales people,” says Bowman. “They have order takers, people on the phone with email addresses, who just want to place orders. Other distributors do stock product that we would buy, but they don’t have sales people in our region of operations to help us drive demand and introduce us to potential customers. We stay with Anixter because Anixter’s field sales team helps develop the demand for the products and services we provide. That’s a big deal for us.”

Photo provided by SiteSecure