Superior Essex Launches Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube 3mm Microarray Optical Fiber Cable

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Atlanta, GA – September 22, 2015 
Superior Essex announces the launch of its newest Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube 3mm Microarray cable designed for applications that require a transition of optical fiber between indoor and outdoor environments. Available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 fibers, this cable improves on existing I/O Microarray cable designs by offering increased environmental protection and dry water-blocking elements, as well as easier handling and installation.  Suitable for wet or dry applications, the Indoor/Outdoor cable is perfect for all types of campus installations including intra/inter-building backbones such as conduit pathways and tunnels, as well as open spaces, trays, inner-ducts.  The cable is available in both plenum and riser designs, and meets all ICEA 696 requirements.
The I/O Loose Tube 3mm Microarray cable consists of a 3mm central tube containing up to twelve (12) fibers surrounded water-blocking aramid yarns.  The 3mm central tube is surrounded by additional water-blocking glass yarns and an outer jacket.  The fibers can be field terminated to SC/LC connectors, or crimped directly to a MTP® or MPO connector.  Both the plenum and riser designs are UL Listed Sunlight Resistant, and the plenum jacket design is made of fluoropolymer that offers additional protection from sun exposure and water ingress. With its smooth surface and proportionately low coefficient of friction, the fluoropolymer jacketing is easier to handle and pull, reducing the time and labor required for installation.

3mm Microarray Optical Fiber Cable

3 mm Microarray Breakout OFNR/OFNP

The 3 mm Microarray Breakout cable from Superior Essex is designed for high performance in a small package. The premises loose tube design consists of 12-fiber 3 mm microarray interconnect cable subunits, each of which contain twelve 250 micron fibers. The aramid yarns inside the subunit allow the subunit to be crimped directly onto an MTP/MPO connector. The 3 mm subunits are stranded around a central strength element that is both flexible and robust enough to pass backbone installation requirements. The stranded subunits are held to the strength element core by binder yarns and/or tapes ensuring excellent temperature performance. Finally, a RoHS-compliant flexible jacket protects the core from the rigors of installation while providing riser or plenum fire protection. The cable is available with TeraFlex single mode, and laser-optimized 50/125 micron 10G/150 (OM2+), 10G/300 (OM3) and 10G/550 (OM4) multimode fiber types.