CommScope® offers a variety of pre-terminated fiber solutions that utilise multi-fiber connectors to facilitate rapid deployment of fiber networks in data centers and other high-density environments.
Within the SYSTIMAX® brand, these solutions are InstaPATCH 360 and InstaPATCH Plus. The Uniprise® solution
is ReadyPATCH.

For Ethernet networking speeds above 10GB/s, the applications standards are specifying parallel optics for multimode fiber networks. IEEE 802.3ba defines the transmission schemes for 40GB/s and 100GB/s. The interfaces for these higher speeds are based on the MPO connector. As such, it is a relatively simple process to upgrade a CommScope pre-terminated solution from 10GB/s to 40GB/s or even 100GB/s.

In this white paper, CommScope explains the possible migration paths to 40G in the data center using their InstaPATCH 360 and ReadyPATCH solution.

White Paper Contents

  • The traditional two-fiber application channel
  • Basic and optimised parallel transmission channel
  • Upgrade path from two-fiber channels to 40GB/s parallel optics channels

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