The Rise of Remote Monitoring in Manufacturing

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It’s no secret that manufacturers, employees and supply chains are strained due to ongoing labor shortages. With less staff working the floor, manufacturing facilities need a way to monitor their operations from a distance. This has led to an increased demand for remote monitoring. Luckily, the options for cloud- based software and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology continue to rise.

Leviton electrical devices with award-winning Inform™ Technology allow manufacturing facilities to reap the benefits of 24/7 remote monitoring. By integrating IIoT technology, Inform™ enables Leviton’s electrical wiring devices to provide real-time data and notifications to the end-user, improving safety, efficiency and productivity. Using sensors embedded in Leviton devices, the end-user is immediately notified if there are abnormal operating conditions or a device failure.

So what exactly does this mean? By integrating remote IIoT technology, Jane Doe of Jane Doe’s Food Processing Company can view the status of her safety disconnect switches from the other side of the facility or even from the comfort and safety of her home. Through the Leviton Inform™ software, Jane Doe can remotely check data including enclosure temperature, enclosure humidity, liquid accumulation, line- and load-side voltage value, ground continuity and more. The ability to remotely view this data improves safety for all staff, as they’ll no longer need to open up electrical devices to diagnose an issue. Another benefit is that troubleshooting time is dramatically improved.

Leviton Remote Monitoring System

Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry has experienced first-hand a digital and technological transformation. As new facilities are being constructed and existing facilities are being upgraded, more and more are requesting technology-based solutions. These Leviton solutions are a long-term investment that will positively change the way facilities operate, impacting both staff and operations.