Did you know that the first Category 6A/Class EA solution launched 10 years ago, primarily for data center applications? In his latest blog, Matias Peluffo gives his top 10 reasons to look outside of the data center and install Category 6A in the building.

10:  Category 6A is recommended for new installations in healthcare facilities.

Published in 2010, TIA-1179 recommends Category 6A for all new installations in healthcare facilities and is the first standard to recommend Category 6A for new installations outside of the data center. To help better understand the TIA-1179 standard, CommScope published this FAQ document.


9:  Category 6A is recommended for new installations in educational facilities.

Recently published, TIA-4966 recommends Category 6A for new education facilities based on the need for high-performance infrastructure required for wired and wireless connectivity. To help you better understand the TIA-4966 standard, CommScope published this FAQ document.


8: Category 6A supports 10GBASE-T to 100 meters.

Category 6A’s support of 10GBASE-T to 100 meters ensures it can support the fastest Ethernet application on the market to the full channel length specified in the standards. This comes at a time when high performance workstations are beginning to demand 10 gigabit performance.


Read the full article here.

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