Trends at the Door

Constant change for locks, access control and biometrics

Anixter Trends at the Door: Constant change for locks, access control and biometrics

Originally published in Electrical Contractor Magazine

The foundation of any solid physical security detection solution starts at the perimeter and focuses first on the door or entrance and egress areas, and that means some type of access control.

There have been widespread changes in access control in recent years. Enhancements have made poroducts easier to install, according to David Cronk, technology director for physical security solutions at Anixter Inc. Glenview, Ill.

"Electric strikes, for example, are now dial-voltage 12 and 24V DC, fail-sagfe and fail-secure," he said. "They are non-handed and have internal solenoids to fit more easily into the jamb. There are also models that do not require the jamb to be cut, which maintains the integrity of fire-rated frames. Access-control hardware is becoming more energy-efficient. This allows the access controller to power egress hardware, reader and electrified hardware at once."