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Utelogy is a software based platform which aims to improve your overall user experience, reduce downtime, and save your company from costly expenses.

Why choose Utelogy

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Reduce Total Cost of Operation (TCO)

  • Reduce staffing levels
  • No programming costs
  • Narrow fault isolation

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Scale and Speed of Installation

  • Increased installation speed
  • Remote configuration
  • Improved project control

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Usage and Analytics - Device Agnostic

  • Equipment utilization
  • Trends and analytics
  • Room booking insights

Asset Management

  • All room and asset information
  • Store room drawings, room plans, diagrams
  • Comprehensive event log
  • Driver metrics, firmware versions, warranty information, etc.

Utelogy makes it easy and accessible to manage your entire AV estate under a single pane of glass. Manage all assets on your network, regardless of manufacturer. Gain valuable insights and analytics, view all device metrics, check firmware versions, receive alerts and notifications, and much more.

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Featured Products

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Control & Monitoring Subscription. Control CLM included. No Perpetual Control License needed

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