Westell Technologies Expands In-Building Wireless Product Portfolio

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Westell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTL), a leading provider of in-building wireless, intelligent site management, cell site optimization, and outside plant solutions, today announces additional advancements to its IBW suite of products. Westell has made a commitment to continue to provide our customers with high performance, quality products that meet evolving industry requirements. Westell’s ClearLink® Low PIM (Passive Inter-Modulation) system components now feature an even lower -161 PIM rating, and its digital repeater line has been expanded to include a 1 watt option in the AWS frequency.

“With the demand of in-building communications continuing to expand, we are committed to providing our customers with products that not only meet but exceed the industry requirements for superior performance,” states Rick Good, Westell’s Senior Vice President, In-building Wireless. “Our solutions are both quality-built and meet the strictest carrier standards required today and into the future.”

The expansion of the Digital Repeater DSP85 line allows customers to cover the full spectrum of carrier frequencies, including AWS, with 1 Watt of output power. This increased power provides optimal wireless coverage in larger buildings.