ABB Arc Guard System

Arc Guard System™ protects people and equipment, and eliminates unnecessary production stops. The system quickly
detects an arc fault and trips the incoming circuit-breaker. Using light as the main condition, Arc Guard System trips instantaneously. Thanks to this key functional advantage, it overrides all other protections and delays, which is crucial
when reaction times need to be measured in milliseconds.


  • Reduced production loss
  • Reduced switchgear and components replacement cost
  • Increased machine uptime
  • Ease of installation – suitable for retrofit


Arc flash protection and outcome minimization video reviews
the danger of arc flash; what causes one and how quickly;
and key factors to consider with selecting an arc flash safety system.

New Generation Protection: TVOC-2

Arc monitor type TVOC-2 is ABB’s state-of-the-art solution for arc fault protection in all applications, providing functional safety. TVOC-2 builds on the well known TVOC design. Its new functions and features improve an already great product, putting even more focus on reliability, flexibility and simplicity.

TVOC-2-240 ABB Arc Monitor
TVOC-2-DP8 ABB Detector with Cable