Alpha Wire Semiconductor/CapEx Solutions

From wafer handling to packaging, Alpha Wire can help you make semiconductor equipment faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain.

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Whether refurbishing existing equipment or developing new equipment from design through production, Alpha Wire’s extensive line of wire, cable, and accessories provide unrivaled performance and durability in the harshest environments.

  • Resistance to temperature extremes and harsh chemicals
  • Low outgassing to eliminate contamination
  • Shielding options for excellent EMI resistance
  • Smaller, lighter cabling to save space and weight
  • ISO 9001 compliant wire and cable to satisfy recyclability requirements


Front-End Processes Back-End Processes Fab Support Equipment
  • Deposition equipment
  • Etching equipment
  • Wafer-handling equipment
  • Cleanroom robotics and motion control
  • Wafer dicing equipment
  • Chip testing and packaging equipment
  • Package reeling equipment
  • Transfer equipment
  • Gas delivery
  • Environmental Systems

Shop Alpha Wire Products for Semiconductor Applications

Alpha’s products provide superior electrical and mechanical performance, can reduce particulation, and improve system performance and yield. Non-shedding, low outgassing, and chemically inert versions are specially designed for cleanroom use.

  • EcoCable®
    Control cable up to 47% smaller and 65% lighter than PVC
  • EcoCable® Mini
    Next generation 300 V cable up to 32% smaller and up to 44% lighter than PVC
  • EcoFlex™
    32% smaller and 55% lighter than PVC, rated up to 1 million flex life cycles
  • EcoWire®
    Hook-Up Wire up to 45% smaller and 40% lighter than PVC
  • EcoWire® Plus
    Size and weight benefits of EcoWire plus fluid resistance
  • Xtra-Guard® 5 FEP Cable
    Extreme-performance cable featuring FEP insulation and jacketing for reliable performance in temperatures from -80°C to +200°C
  • PTFE/ETFE Hook-up Wire
    Available in a variety of insulations to meet your needs for temperature, ability to withstand wear and abrasion, electrical performance, or resistance to oil, solvents, and chemicals.
  • FIT Heat-Shrink Tubing
    Provides a areliable way to protect and seal terminations or add additional mechanical ruggedness