Hands-Free Opening Solutions from ASSA ABLOY

Safer2Open™ solutions from ASSA ABLOY allow doors to operate in a hands-free or touchless manner.

Improve facility cleanliness with specially designed low-touch and no-touch door hardware and electro-mechanical doorway components. Many state/local COVID-19 protocols recommend the reduction of touchpoints in buildings. Safer2Open touchless solutions offer quick and affordable options to meet this challenge.  

Push/pull hardware allows doors to be opened with a nudge of the hip. Arm and foot pulls offer a method of opening doors without grasping hardware by the hand. Motion sensors that work in conjunction with automatic operators enable a complete hands-free method for opening doors.

These door hardware solutions coupled with proper hardware cleaning techniques improve facility safety by mitigating the spread of germs through high frequency touch points within a building. 

Best of all, these hands-free solutions offer quick and easy retrofit opportunities. ASSA ABLOY hands-free solutions offer a way to improve facility cleanliness by reducing touchpoints on highly trafficked openings.

For more details or help to navigate the best solution for you contact your local Anixter Rep.

ASSA Touchless Solution

No Touch Solutions

Open Doors without a Touch

touchless methods for opening doors

All types of swing doors can be easily upgraded to open touchlessly using a Low Energy Door Operator paired with a wave-to-open switch, RF device, and/or remote control fob.

Wave a Hand or Walk on Through

how to open doors without your hands

Wave-to-open sensors, motion sensors and wireless transmitters provide hygienic solutions for hands-free access and egress.

Electromagnetic Door Holder

Keep your doors open during high traffic times to minimize touch points on your door handles.

Sargent Electrified Closer-holder

Electric Latch Retraction

Make it easy for people to move quickly and hands-free through virtually any door with the simple addition of Electric Latch Retraction.

Low Touch Solutions

Just Hook an Arm or Pull with a Foot...

hands-free door pulls

Arm and foot pulls are easy, cost-effective options for hands-free door operation in new and pre-existing aluminum, metal or wood openings.

Push with a Hip or Pull with an Arm...

hands-free door opening solutions

Enable hands-free movement through virtually any door with the installation of push/pull and paddle trim.