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For closer collaboration and an immersive conferencing experience, Barco's ClickShare wireless conference systems have just what your business needs. Connectivity is at the heart of modern business, and with wireless conferencing technology from ClickShare you can link up with colleagues in a matter of seconds. 

Intuitive teamwork, hassle-free sharing and robust security are the hallmarks of ClickShare. With Barco's wireless conferencing systems, you can ‘bring your own meeting’ from anywhere and with any device, allowing you to link up with remote colleagues with the minimum of fuss.


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Bring your meeting to the meeting room


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Collaborate with remote meeting participants


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Click with both remote and in-person attendees

ClickShare is The Answer

Collaboration via the quick Button

Access a set of collaborative features. Get a copy of the main screen on your laptop & easily view content in full detail. It also opens up a range of advanced functions.

Management dashboard

Managing ClickShare across your business is simple with our XMS (Cloud) Management Platform. Read more


Includes five years of coverage and a license to the XMS insights module, as well as increased service levels. Read more

Triple agnostic

ClickShare can be used on your laptop or desktop, connects instantly with your brand of peripherals (see below) and works with your conferencing platform (UC).

ISO 27001 certified

As first wireless collaboration technology to obtain ISO 27001 Certification, we commit to the right processes and structures for the highest international security standards. Read more

Network integration

Whether you want to connect one unit to the network via ethernet or create a dedicated VLAN for all ClickShare units, you can integrate seamlessly within your network.

ClickShare Product Portfolio

ClickShare Conference CX-20

Transform small meeting rooms and huddle spaces into inspiring conference facilities.

  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration
  • Triple agnostic: works with any device, and UC technology and any brand of AV peripheral
  • Enhanced security
  • Connected and cloud managed

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ClickShare CX-30: Seamless, wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

  • Full BYOD support
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Full interactivity and moderation (available in future firmware update)
  • Works with your device, your conferencing platform (UC) and your brand of peripherals
  • Enhanced security

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ClickShare CX-50: Bring premium wireless conferencing and remote collaboration to your meeting rooms and boardroom

  • Bring premium wireless conferencing and remote collaboration to your meeting rooms and boardroom
  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration in highest quality
  • Full interactivity and moderation (available in future firmware update)
  • Triple agnostic: your laptop, your conferencing platform (UC) platform and your brand of USB-peripheral.
  • HDMI input cable

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ClickShare Conferencing Button

  • Iconic ClickShare component
  • USB-C device to start wireless conferencing and content sharing
  • Additional Quick Button with collaboration features
  • Ultra-fast setup

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ClickShare Conferencing Button and Tray Pack

  • Stylish tray for ClickShare Buttons
  • For clutterfree meeting rooms
  • Always have the Buttons ready for sharing

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