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For over 100 years, customers seeking unsurpassed signal transmission performance have counted on Belden. Matched with Anixter’s global technical and supply chain expertise, we create a partnership that will exceed all your needs. Belden`s networking, connectivity and cabling products are recognized for highly reliable data & AV signal transmission.

Belden proudly serves a variety of global markets including discrete manufacturing, process facilities, energy, mass transit and commercial enterprises such as data centers, government and hospitality.


Belden is able to meet the most demanding standards for data, sound and video applications given its global commitment to product design engineering, manufacturing excellence and continuous improvements. All Belden products are engineered and manufactured to the strictest quality standards, earning it an unmatched reputation for global reliability and performance.

Belden is an Alliance Partner

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Belden is an Anixter Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURE Innovation Partner (UL Verified to meet the UTG Framework).
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Belden Classic Cables

Classic Cables from Belden

Belden’s Classic line includes a select number of high-quality, high-reliability multi-conductor and paired cables.

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Belden Broadcast and Audio/Video Solutions

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Belden has expanded its offering to include products designed specifically for commercial video display, audio distribution, and automation and lighting control applications. Learn More.

Belden Essential Cable Facts

Although many industrial cables are not revolutionary and the technology and applications are very well established, the importance of quality and compliance remains just as critical. Learn how Belden can help you make informed choices when it comes to quality and standards-compliant cabling. Learn more.


Belden Inc, a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, is excited to announce that it has been selected by Anixter to create cabling and connectivity solutions that align with the global distributor’s Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURESM (UTG) platform to support smart buildings.

Starting on July 15, 2019, Belden will offer a full link and channel UTG product line, including cables, patch panels, jacks, plugs and patch cables. These UTG solutions are interoperable and future-ready to exceed current category cable standards. They support extended transmission distances, higher bandwidth capabilities, 4K streaming, larger bundle sizes for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications and next-generation WiFi. These solutions will be covered under Belden’s 25-Year Product Warranty.

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VFD Cable

Belden VFD Cable

VFD Cables from Belden support variable-frequency AC motor drives in harsh operating settings. The cables are built to withstand high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions. As the original developer of high-quality VFD cable, Belden knows how to deliver superior electrical performance and reliability—even in the most demanding industrial environments. When you need to keep your motors running, trust your uptime to Belden.

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  • Superior protection against electrical noise
  • Increased stability in electrical performance
  • Improved system uptime in harsh environments


  • Optimum shielding design (300%/100% copper at ground potential)
  • Heavy industrial-grade XLPE insulation
  • Finely stranded tinned or bare copper conductors


Type Shielding Grounding Conductor Rating Design Part Number
Premium Foil + Braid Full Size Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper 1000V Flexible Motor Supply Classic Premium 29500, 29501, 29502, 29503, 29504, 29505, 29506, 29507
300% ground Classic Premium with Signal Pair 29510, 29511, 29512, 29513
  High Flex Premium 29500F, 29501F, 29502F, 29503F, 29504F
four conductor Marine Premium 29500X, 29501X, 29502X, 29503X, 29504X, 29505X, 29506X, 29507X
  LSZH Premium 29500T, 29501T, 29502T, 29503T, 29504T, 29505T, 29506T, 29507T
  2000V Premium 29536, 29537, 29538, 29539, 29540, 29541, 29542
Premium Dual Copper Tape Bare 3x Segmented Stranded Tinned Copper 1000V Flexible Motor Supply Classic Premium 29528, 29529, 29530, 29531, 29532
100% ground High Flex Premium 29505F, 29506F, 29507F, 29528F, 29529F, 29530F, 29531F, 29532F
  Marine Premium 29528X, 29529X, 29530X, 29531X, 29532X
three conductor LSZH Premium 29528T, 29529T, 29530T, 29531T, 29532T
  2000V Premium 29543, 29544, 29545, 29546, 29547
Basic three conductor Dual Copper Tape Bare 3x Segmented Stranded Bare Copper 600V UL TC-ER Basic UL 29520C, 29521C, 29522C, 29523C, 29524C, 29525C, 29526C, 29527C, 29528C, 29529C, 29530C, 29531C, 29532C
Basic MCM 29533, 29534, 29535
Basic CSA 29550C, 29551C, 29552C, 29553C, 29554C, 29555C, 29556C, 29557C, 29558C, 29559C, 29560C, 29561C

Featured Belden Products

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