Classics Cables Belden

Anixter is the largest distributor of Belden products in the world, including the Classic Line of high quality, high reliability multi-conductor and paired cables.

With an unmatched ability to ensure system uptime, Belden's "Classics" electronic, audio, control and instrumentation cables have been specified for decades.  Because of the wide array of industry standards and approvals garnered by the Belden Classic product line, it is suitable for many applications, like:

  • RS-232, RS-422/423 & RS-485
  • Low speed data communication from processor to device
  • Signaling for machine control
  • Detection monitoring systems
  • Power and control of devices
  • Audio

Backed by a 10-year, no-cost warranty, these Classics will outlast alternatives even in the most demanding environments.

Why Belden's Classics?

  • Manufactured in ISO-certified manufacturing facilities
  • Robust designs that meet or exceed UL standards
  • Portfolio engineered with features and options that allow engineers to match cable selection with environmental conditions within a diverse array of applications
  • Unsurpassed quality and reliability
  • Approvals, ratings and performance testing to ensure longevity and regulatory compliance
  • Broad range of AWG sizes, shielding options, conductor types and pair counts

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