Belden Featured Technology

REVConnect Connectivity System

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Belden's REVConnect Connectivity System, an RJ45 connectivity system that offers versatility by connecting edge digital ceiling technologies that have traditionally not been supported by the network.




Belden Featured Technology

FiberExpress® Ultra High-Density System

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Belden's FiberExpress® Ultra High-Density System, designed for fast deployment of high-density interconnects and cross-connects in data center and LAN environments.



Belden Featured Technology

Bonded-Pair Technology

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Belden's Bonded-Pair cables, a patented design that bonds the individual insulated conductors together along their longitudinal axes.




Belden Featured Technology

REVConnect Solutions

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Belden's new innovative products within the REVConnect Connectivity System, including the FlexPlug, Core to Core Preterm Assemblies and Core to Core Couplers.



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