Belden's REVConnect Connectivity System

Complete connectivity solution for CAT 5e, CAT 6 and CAT 6A UTP and STP

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Belden's REVConnect connectivity system addresses a critical market need for reliable and easy terminations that support IP convergence over a range of applications from wired LAN to wireless access points, high definition displays, security cameras and building automation sensors.

REVConnect utilizes a single termination method, using a universal termination core for all Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A RJ45 connections.

What is REVConnect?

“REV” is an acronym that stands for: Reliable, Easy and Versatile.

  • Reliability is driven by the nature of the connection. REVConnect features a highly reliable termination for a secure, gas-tight connection that is proven to reduce rework at all category levels.
  • Ease is driven by REVConnect’s universal wiring manager, which supports all Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A cables, as well as a single tool that covers all steps of the termination process, including cable preparation. These two features combine to provide contractors a 30-60% termination time savings.
  • The same universal core supports the system’s versatility: contractors can terminate a jack or a plug onto the same core interface. This means that field-terminable plugs, which support Cat 6A and high PoE performance, can be terminated just as quickly and easily as a jack.


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Install and Complete Projects Faster

The REVConnect system is designed to make deployment easier and put hours back in your day. Increasing the speed of your installation will allow you to complete more jobs and increase your overall revenue.

Recommend a Reliable and Complete Solution

The REVConnect system is designed to provide maximum reliability and ease of install for the contractor. Recommending REVConnect will provide a smoother project process and result in the best experience for all stakeholders.