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Legrand is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, offering solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Here in North America, Legrand is building upon a legacy of providing smart solutions to customer needs. For over a century, products like Wiremold raceway and Pass & Seymour wiring devices have served customers, installers and channel partners alike. Through the design of effective, efficient and innovative wire cable trays, Cablofil, the leader in wire mesh cable tray, provides the highest quality cable management solutions for any situation.

Legrand is an Alliance Partner

Introducing Itray - It's Cable Tray, Reinvented

The latest addition to a full line of cable tray solutions, Itray is designed to streamline everything: from engineering to purchasing and installation. Itray is repalcing the current aluminum 4" to 7" side rail height ladder tray line. The current Heavy- Duty, 8" and 10" sidewall height Long Span tray will still be offered as before.

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Wire Mesh - the Evolution of Leadership

Cablofil invented the concept of wire cable trays over 35 years ago and introduced it to the European market.  Ongoing innovation and the ability of wire cable to adapt to any application has been a recipe for continued success.  With over 110,000 miles of trays installed globally, Legrand/Cablofil has become the sole leader of cable management around the world.  Legrand/Cablofil is always looking for innovative ways to enhance our cable management installation and trays.

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Fiber Trough - the STEEL Alternative

Legrand/Cablofil’s design in cable management system for fiber optic or high performance copper cabling is becoming an integral part for a data center and network that provides the greatest uptime at the lowest cost.

Legrand/Cablofil’s cable management practices allow for increased network operating costs by getting rid of poor cabling practices by not marking, bundling, or routing the cables; which increase downtime and cause disruptions.  Legrand/Cablofil’s main goal is to establish network reliability and our comprehensive cable management solution will help establish this reliability by having maximum network uptime.

Legrand/Cablofil is proud to be an innovator in cable management and to announce the new line of Fiber Trough, a cable management system designed to maximize network reliability and minimize lifecycle costs. Legrand/Cablofil’s Fiber Trough is made of high strength steel components which provide strength and durability. The Fiber Trough line can withstand the most demanding data center environments and is manufactured to exact standards so the components fit together perfectly and allow for easy installation. 

Featured Cablofil Products

CF105/300EZ | 10 ft. L x 12" W x 4" D Tray
UFC550KITPG | Under Floor Support Kit
 FTFB90100/100BL | FiberTrough 90 Deg Elbow
 FT100/100BL | FiberTrough Straight Section Base