Introducing Itray from Legrand

It's cable tray, reinvented.

Introducing Itray

The latest addition to a full line of cable tray solutions, Itray is designed to streamline everything: from engineering to purchasing and installation. Itray is repalcing the current aluminum 4" to 7" side rail height ladder tray line. The current Heavy- Duty, 8" and 10" sidewall height Long Span tray will still be offered as before.

Features & Benefits

  • Straight Sections identified by NEMA Class.
  • Easy to understand fitting dimensions.
  • Splicing made easy.
    - Itray splice snaps in place during installation.
    - Itray splice reduces hardware needed by half.
  • Mid-span splicing standard.
    - Optimized side rail design allows mid-span splicing while maintaining full NEMA load class.
  • I-beam side rail design creates a stronger tray.
    - Optimized side rail design features a structural offset
    for a lighter, stronger tray.
    - I-Beam edge profile keeps attachment hardware in place.
  • Easy clamp covers.
    - Itray features THREE cover styles to fit your application.
  • Stronger I-beam rung design.
    - Itray features the strongest rung in the industry.
  • Smoother finished installations.
    - Smooth side rail design creates natural path for cables.
    - Itray fittings and straight sections have matching side rail configurations.
  • Symmetric side rail design.