Wire Mesh - the Evolution of Leadership

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Cablofil wire mesh cable tray is constructed of precision engineered, high quality, welded steel wire and is the result of decades of research gained from the installation of 94,000 miles of tray across
the globe. Cablofil's wire mesh cable tray is subjected to testing at every stage of the manufacturing process. In actual use, it has performed in a wide variety of applications from heavy power cable pathways on oil drilling platforms to data installation above the ceiling in modern office buildings.

Five Ways Cablofil Beats Conduit

  • Fewer parts
  • All you need is a bolt cutter
  • Adapts to any installation
  • Sweeps & bends can be formed on site
  • One person can usually install a whole system

As the safest, easiest-to-install alternative to labor-intensive conduit, wire mesh cable management tray has been the most widely adopted wiring support method for 40 years. Electrical contractors continue to rely on tried-and-tested, code-compliant cable tray for all of their installations, including those in some of the world’s harshest environments. Look to wire mesh cable tray when you need to support a large number of cables in a single run and keep installations neat and streamlined.

Wire Mesh Offering

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Revolutionary system constructed of precision-engineered, high-quality, welded steel wire.

The most complete line of support hardware for walls, ceilings, floors
and cabinets.

A wide range of unique and universal accessories for flexible routing options and fast installation.