Cellular IP + Cloud

A 4G LTE-A or 5G wireless cellular option is available for areas where phone lines are not available or trenching costs are prohibitive and can route incoming and outgoing calls through a VoIP network using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Since the solution uses an IP-based network backbone, Cellular IP also supports video streaming and communication with other IP-based devices.

Paired with Cellular IP, Code Blue’s cloud solutions are an effective way to provide communication for emergency speakerphones, while eliminating labor-intensive installation requirements and ongoing administration. The robust platforms act as a future-proof hub for all your emergency communication needs, alleviates network infrastructure costs while also reducing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) requirements, and provides you with the ability to support many devices and offer growth protection.

Product Features

  • Ruggedized 4G LTE router which supports Cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or a combination for automatic failover capabilities (including redundant SIM slots for multiple carriers)
  • Cellular and GPS antennas
  • Cloud management, monitoring, and reporting
  • Stream video and communicate with other IP-based devices
  • Cloud-based SIP registration
  • Diagnostics and reporting
  • DID/e911 support
  • Ability to connect multiple locations to a centralized system
  • IP and analog device support
  • Systems Management including managed services, configured units, and secure connections
  • Superior performance, service, engineering, and support
Cellular IP + Cloud



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