CommScope Fiber Raceway Solutions

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Put your fiber cabling on a pedestal.

FiberGuide® is a revolutionary fiber-optic raceway system that routes and protects cabling in your data center. Suspended from the ceiling, this innovative raceway allows you to take the most direct path from one end of your data center to the other, and facilitates the addition, removal or replacement of fiber cables.

Easy to design and simple to install, this fiber solution requires no special tools to deploy and features myriad fittings, support structures, drop options, bends and straight sections to accommodate your data center's exact size. Plus, our Express Exit™ system enables new drops to be added or removed quickly and easily—where a drop can be added into a fully loaded raceway in seconds without any cutting.

Whether you're installing FiberGuide for the first time or you have extensive experience working with it, our DesignSmart Suite offers the tools you need to simplify the design and installation. Our comprehensive collection of resources include BIM objects, Visio stencils, and a configurator and BOM generator to assist in increasing design reliability and reducing the overall project completion time.