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ComNet Communication Networks of Connecticut, an acre security company, is a Fiber Optic communication and Ethernet product manufacturer. ComNet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Security Market, Intelligent Transportation, and Industrial networking markets. The product line consists of fiber optic video, data and audio transmission products as well as a broad fiber optic, copper and wireless Ethernet product line, designed to the specific requirements for Access Control, Intrusion, Burglar and Fire Alarms and CCTV Surveillance/Incident Detection and Traffic Management.

ComNet also offers Razberi video server appliances, combined with cybersecurity and health management software to Anixter customers. Razberi products save customers installation and maintenance costs and reduce the likelihood of a costly cyber breach.

Ethernet: Fiber Optic, Wireless, or Extended Distance Copper
What's Best for Your Network?

Stopping Port Security Intrusion With Port Guardian
How would you rate your system’s ability to fight cyber attacks?

Things To Consider When Buying SFP Modules
SFP, also known as small form-factor pluggable, is a modular hot-swappable transceiver interface for Ethernet media converters and switches.

Managed Switches vs. Unmanaged Switches
Companies choosing switch hardware must consider the current and future demands on the network and understand the distinction between managed vs. unmanaged switches.

PoE Power Supply Budget Calculation
Power budget depletion is a real problem, and it’s frustrating for clients. Which is why getting the PoE power budget calculation correct is so important.

ComNet Introduces Gen 4 Wireless Ethernet Solution
All new Cost-Effective Gen 4 NW1 Provides Increased Performance at Same Price Point

PoE Switch Manufacturers: Why Choose "Made in the USA"
Generations ago, our great-grandparents always bought things made in America; their only choice was to buy local. Today’s marketplace is globalized, and we have an opportunity to buy from anywhere. But, when it comes to PoE switch manufacturers, is “buying from anywhere” a good idea?

ComNet Introduces Link Guardian Unidirectional Media Converter
CNGEMUMC4+2(TX, RX)/M prevents cybersecurity attacks from an unsecured entry point on the network reaching a secured part of the network by creating a hardware-based physical layer of protection.

  • Transportation / ITS
  • Automation / SCADA
  • Power & Utilities
  • Mining
  • Defence & Military

  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail 
  • Power Gen – Solar & Wind

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Ports
  • Town & City Centres
  • Airports


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