ActiFi® Flame-Retardant Composite Cables from Corning

Corning’s ActiFi® flame-retardant (FR) composite cables provide the ultimate solution for indoor remote powering of distributed antenna systems, optical networks, small cells and more.

Also known as hybrid cables, these cables are made with both stranded copper and fiber, under one jacket – the fiber for data transmission and the stranded copper for remote powering. ActiFi® cables combine the distance and bandwidth capabilities of single mode fiber with the power-carrying capability of stranded copper conductors. 


  • 1F – 24F Corning® ClearCurve® ZBL Fiber or Corning® SMF-28® Ultra Fiber
  • Class 3 limited power copper stranded conductors from 20 – 12 AWG 
  • Conductor count from 2 – 12 copper conductors 
  • Loose tube or tight-buffered fiber cable design 
  • Indoor plenum or indoor/outdoor riser flame-rated jacket 
  • Interlocking armor available 
  • Mutual capacitance, between adjacent conductors, <50 pF/ft 
  • Compliant with ICEA S-83-596 or ICEA S-83-696
ActiFi® Flame-Retardant Composite Cables from Corning image



  • Brings power AND fiber to the edge of the network


  • Delivers remote power to the edge via Corning’s power supply unit (PSU6) 
  • Enables fiber-deep, future-ready and flexible networks via Corning’s software-defined LAN 
  • Simplifies access controls for security cameras via Corning’s Touchless Networking 
  • Enables optical networks, DAS, small cell solutions, security systems, WiFi, IPTV, voice, A/V, smart lighting, etc. ActiFiTM Product Family Reel-in-a-Box


  • Extends traditional copper limit beyond 300 feet 

Certified Solution 

  • Offers solution for use with Digital ElectricityTM and +/-190VDC installations; Volt Server certified

Featured Products

012ZT8-M1Y01M20 | 12-Fiber, 12CU, 16AWG 300V, Indoor, Plenum, Loose Tube, SM Ultra Fiber image
006ZT8-41Y01M20 | 6-Fiber, 4CU, 16AWG 300V, Indoor, Plenum, Loose Tube, SM Ultra Fiber image
002Z48-21Z31MB2 | 2-Fiber, 2CU, 20AWG 300V, Indoor, Plenum, Tight Buffered, SM Ultra Fiber, 1000 FT Reel in a Box image