3D-73P Bypass Switch

Eaton is now offering three of its D-73P polymer distribution class disconnect switches pre-mounted on a fiberglass crossarm. Pre-mounting three switches on a shared cross arm allows for increased ease of installation, offering an economical way to bypass equipment in need of maintenance without service interruption while reducing a lineman's time in the field and decreasing labor costs.

Eaton's Cooper Power series 3D-73P switch offers a reliable solution for isolating equipment on distribution circuits up to 38 kV. These switches are quality constructed to ensure stable high current capability and full thermal capacity under the required duties of today’s load and short circuit conditions.

Main Features

3D-73P Bypass Switch
  • Ease of Installation: Consists of three D-73P3 hook-stick operated, bypass switches pre-mounted on a fiberglass crossarm simplifying installation.
  • Fiberglass crossarm: a durable and corrosion resistant fiberglass crossarm acts as a robust base while maintaining the lightweight properties of the switch.
  • UltraSIL Polymer Insulators: More durable insulating option than porcelain, offering increased insulating performance in high contaminated environments, high level of safety due to reduced weight compared to porcelain, along with flexibility and strength.
  • Blade spacers: provide secure force on contacts allowing for increased withstand and short circuit protection by creating a consistent and efficient current interchange, without requiring additional force to operate the switch.
  • Silver Plated Copper Blades: Increased efficiency of current transfer.