M-Force Three-Phase Switch

Eaton's Cooper Power series M-Force switch is a distribution-class, gang operated, three-phase overhead loadbreak switch. The M-Force switch is offered in distribution voltage classifications of 15 kV, 25 kV, and 35 kV. The M-Force switch may be used for line sectionalizing, paralleling, by-passing, or isolating. M-Force stands for "Magnetic force".

Eaton has the only reverse loop contacts found on distribution-class loadbreak switches; a contact usually reserved for higher priced transmission switches. The reverse loop contacts utilize high current magnetic forces for added reliability. The reverse loop design allows for high contact pressure to be maintained during fault conditions. This feature prevents pitting and distorting of the switch blade and contacts even under severe momentary overload.

Main Features

M-Force Three-Phase Switch image
  • Reverse loop contacts for added reliability.
  • Standard 2.25" bolt circle polymer insulators offer exceptional dielectric, hydrophobic, and mechanical characteristics.
     - 3.00" bolt circle porcelain insulators are standard at 35 kV.
  • Extended bearing assembly ensures proper blade/contact alignment.
  • The Reliabreak Pick-up Arm is insulated on one side, which isolates the interrupter from the current path during a close operation.
  • Positive Locking Dead-End Brackets for dead-ending at an angle without any distrotion of the brackets.
  • Inter-phase control rod clamps are designed with a jam nut through the side of the casting eliminates any possibility of accidental slippage of the control mechanism.
  • Optional ice shields make the M-Force switch capable of opening and closing with a 3/4" ice build up.