General Cable Polyrad XT Flexible Rail and Transit Wire and Cable

Superior electrical properties and performance for advanced rapid transit, locomotive and off-road equipment applications.

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General Cable’s Polyrad® XT flexible rail and transit cables are specifically designed for original equipment and retrofit use in power and control circuits and in motor leads. Polyrad XT’s superior heat, flexibility and abrasion resistance, combined with its reduced size, simplifies cable installation and permits higher ampacities. Fully tested to meet all applicable specifications, Polyrad XT cables ensure lifelong dependable service for transit, off-road and diesel-powered locomotives.

Features and Benefits

Polyrad XT wire and cables combine superior electrical properties and performance for advanced rapid transit, locomotive and off-road equipment applications.

  • Available in 600 volt and 2000 volt single-conductor, and 600 volt multi-conductor shielded constructions that are UL Listed NFPA 130 for on-vehicle
  • Dual 125°C/110°C temperature rating for long life, higher ampacities and protection from thermal overloads (single wires)
  • Maximum flame retardance as demonstrated by VW-1 and, for multi-conductor cables, IEEE 383 (70,000 BTU/hr.) and IEEE 1202 (70,000 BTU/hr.)
  • Excellent oil and chemical resistance
  • Maximum dependability and mechanical toughness
  • Smaller outside diameter and flexible stranding and insulation simplify installation
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Insulation System and Construction

Unlike conventional insulating systems, Polyrad XT offers a better balance of electrical properties for superior stability and performance. This innovative insulation technology combines outstanding flame retardance and thermal stability with excellent moisture-stable electrical values.  

  • Increased durability
  • Greater resistance to cut-through
  • Superior oil resistance
  • Excellent low-temperature performance
  • Maximum flexibility

Quality Commitment

General Cable is committed to meeting the global approvals and standards of the transit industry and is the first transit cable supplier in North America to be both IRIS Certification Rev. 03 and ISO 9001:2015. This certification is now tied directly to ISO 9001:2015 under TS 22163, making it a dual rating. General Cable’s IRIS Certification ensures product quality and efficient procedures throughout the whole supply chain.