HellermannTyton Ratchet P-Clamp

Heavy equipment manufacturers constantly look for ways to reduce costs and streamline workflows. But to adopt a new component, it must also meet their needs for versatility, durability and ease of use – without compromising performance.

Ratchet P-Clamp from HellermanTyton is an innovative wire bundling solution that more than meets those requirements. Featuring an adjustable ratchet clamp mechanism and offered in four sizes as well as four mounting configurations, the Ratchet P-Clamp enables users to reduce parts and inventory costs. And, it cuts the time required for wire harness and cable installation and maintenance.

Ease of Use


No more struggling with grommets and two-piece designs that are difficult to handle. We also eliminated having to pry open the clamp when you need to reposition a bundle or change out the clamp. And you can use our EVO hand tools to secure the ratchet, if that is how you prefer to work.

  • One-Piece Design – One-Touch Secure
    Our one-piece, solid body design is operated manually, clicking as it closes to let you know it’s secure. You’ll also never have to put a clamp in place and struggle to mount it while holding the pieces together around the bundle.
  • Releasability
    Releasability is one of Ratchet P Clamp’s unique features. All you need is a small, flat head screwdriver to open the clamp. Simply guide the screwdriver between the ratchet rails and push down. Ratchet P Clamp’s non-destructive, releasable clamp streamlines bundle installation and service.
  • Tension Tab
    The Tension Tab is a molded plastic strap engineered specifically for using EVO Series hand tools to close a Ratchet P Clamp. Tension Tabs enable you to fix bundles with precision, at any of 33 preset tension settings.



Working with a mix of wires and cable sizes? Need to route multiple bundles in parallel? Ratchet P Clamp will secure a range of cables without changing any other part of your cable routing and management strategy.

  • Multiple Sizes
    Four ratchet sizes accommodate hard line and soft cable bundles ranging from 0.24” (6.2mm) - 2.0” (51mm) in diameter. You can reduce your inventory with only a few adjustable P clamps.
  • Mounting Options
    From slightly offset to raised off the frame or panel, and with various angles and mounting plate lengths, you can fix cables exactly where design specifications dictate. Each mounting plate option is offered in four angles (180°, 15°, 30° and 90°) and three different mounting hole diameters: M8 (8mm), M10 (10mm) and M12 (12mm).
  • Multiple Configurations
    You can stack and mix Ratchet P Clamps with different mounting plate lengths and angles to manage diverse cable combinations. There is an unlimited number of possible routing options and configurations.

How to Choose a Ratchet P Clamp

  • Step 1
    Determine bundle diameter
  • Step 2
    Choose routing orientation /variant
  • Step 3
    Specify the length of the mounting plate
  • Step 4
    Choose bolt size/mounting hole diameter


Because the clamp area is independent from the mounting plate, the design allows for pre-installation on frame rails and pre-assembly on wire harnesses. The advantage? Greater efficiencies that drive productivity and profitability.

  • Pre-installation/Pre-assembly
    During pre-installation, simply install bolts in mounting plates and leave the clamps open. You can then insert the bundle into multiple clamps along the route, in one pass, reducing installation time by getting the alignment right the first time. You can also attach Ratchet P Clamps along wire harnesses to pre-assemble the harness before taking the next step. You’ll streamline the process and add production line workflow flexibility.
  • Contoured Clamp Interior
    The contoured clamp interior helps to position and center bundles as the clamp closes, minimizing pinching and the associated rework caused by damage to wires.
  • Cable Tie Saddle
    Working with customers on a variety of applications, we learned that electrical runs and other bundles sometimes need to be secured adjacent to side-by-side bundles. That inspired us to add the integrated cable tie saddle for additional routing. Rounded to cradle the bundle, the cable tie saddle enables fixing everything from T18 to wide strap ties.
Ratchet P Clamp
Ratchet P Clamp
Ratchet P Clamp


Ratchet P Clamp

Whether you are assembling trucks or automobiles, manufacturing severe duty vehicles orwiring a solar farm, you’ll know that the cables will be secure, easy to maintain and functional for years to come.

  • Robust Materials
    Impact modified, heat and UV stabilized PA66 material clamp is extremely durable and will not abrade cables and hoses. There’s no coating to wear off and the robust living hinge is engineered to far exceed any expected application requirements. The stamped mounting plate is treated to resist chemicals and has a coating that meets RoHS specifications for environmental factors. The special hardened steel withstands high torque bolt installation.
  • Soft Inserts
    Adding grommets or dipping metal P clamps in PVC has traditionally been the approach to making them less abrasive. But grommets sometimes fail to fit properly and PVC wears off over time. Soft Inserts are an accessory that eliminates those issues, snapping precisely into the body of the clamp to provide an enhanced level of protection. You now have an ideal solution for applications with movement, high vibration or soft cable bundles.