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Holophane, an Acuity Brands Company, provides lighting systems for commercial, industrial, infrastructure, emergency and demanding environments. Its extensive portfolio includes fluorescent, HID and LED lighting, as well as custom luminaires and poles for indoor and outdoor applications. For more than a century, the hallmark of Holophane luminaires is the borosilicate glass reflector/refractor. The glass prisms provide a combination of uplight and downlight to illuminate any environment evenly without creating dark spots or glare. Its highly engineered lighting systems utilize precision optics, innovative technology and premium quality components to provide maximum performance, high energy savings, low maintenance and the lowest total cost of ownership.



Solutions Guides

Holophane Waste Water Treatment Solutions Guide image

Waste Water Treatment Solutions Guide

Total integrated lighting and controls solutions for waste water treatment facilities

Holophane Outdoor Controls Solutions Guide image

Outdoor Controls Solutions Guide

See integrated solutions for outdoor applications


Holophane Ports and Rails Solutions Guide image

Ports and Rails Solutions Guide

Total integrated lighting and controls solutions for ports and rails

Holophane Military Base Solutions Guide image

Military Base Solutions Guide

Complete military base lighting and controls solutions

Manufacturing Solutions Guide image

Manufacturing Solutions Guide

Learn more about lighting and controls solutions in manufacturing spaces

Holophane Correctional Facilities Solutions Guide image

Correctional Facilities Solutions Guide

Your guide to lighting and controls solutions for correctional facilities

Holophane Streets and Highway Solutions Guide image

Streets and Highway Solutions Guide

Total integrated lighting and controls solutions for streets and highways

Industrial Solutions Application Guide image

Industrial Solutions Application Guide

Complete lighting and controls solutions for industrial facilities


Holophane Manufacturing image

As your trusted single-source provider, only Holophane and Acuity Brands can deliver complete manufacturing lighting solutions – from the production floor to the back office.

Demanding Environments

Holophane Demanding Environments image

Reliable lighting in a harsh environment requires rugged materials and precise engineering. Holophane has consistently delivered energy efficient, visually pleasing and easy to use luminaires.


Holophane Warehousing image

Holophane was worked with facility managers, owners, specifiers and engineers for over a century to integrate lighting and controls solutions into warehouses and other industrial spaces.

Water Treatment

Holophane Water Treatment image

Holophane maintains its 100+ year tradition of offering energy efficient, reliable and innovative lighting solutions for the demanding needs of both water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Food Processing

Holophane Food Processing image

Food processing lighting should serve as long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free systems that support safety and productivity. LED lighting from Holophane creates a single interoperable system that simply works.    

Streets and Highways

Holophane Streets and Highways image

Holophane provides solutions that allow municipalities, DOTs and utilities all over the world to experience the lowest total operating cost for all types of roadway lighting applications.

Featured Holophane Products

HMAO LED II High Mast Luminaire image
Teardrop LED II Large Pendant LED Luminaire image
PHZL - Phuzion LED High Bay image
Petrolux LED Wet Location image
Vantage LED High Bays image