HMAO LED II High Mast Luminaire

For Highways, Interchanges, Ports, Rail yards, Container Yards, Parking Areas, Correctional Facilities, Truck Stops, Treatment Plants, Security Lighting, & Sports Lighting.

The second generation Holophane HMAO™ LED II uses a modular chip design to provide long system life and up to 77% energy reduction over traditional high mast products. HMAO LED II offers the flexibility of several lumen packages, integrated controls and several distributions, all providing the customer choices on light levels and energy savings when replacing 400-1000 watt HID luminaires.

HMAO LED II High Mast Luminaire image

Highlights include

  • Up to 77% reduction in energy costs! 
  • Long Life - L83 @ 100,000 hours.
  • 50% maintenance reduction.
  • Improved visibility of crisp white light.
  • Reduce your C02 emission by up to 77%.
  • Durability, uniformity and visual comfort of prismatic glass optics.
  • Symmetrical Type V Narrow, Type V Wide, and 
    Asymmetrical Type II, III & IV.
  • Available in 4000K and 5000K with 70 CRI minimum.
  • Zero uplight and optional backlight shielding.
  • Modular design providing 28,000 to 62,000 lumens at up to 125 LPW.
  • Easy installation to existing arms.
  • Superior 10KV/5KA surge protection.
  • Vibration rated to 3G. 
  • 20 year DTL Photocontrol.
  • Optional ROAM intelligent adaptive controls.
  • Field-adjustable output from 35% to 100%.
  • Corrosion-resistant 5,000hr salt spray rated finish.
  • 10KV/5KA surge protection.
  • ARRA compliant product.

HMAO LED II Installation