PPE built for safety

Designed for comfort. At Honeywell PPE, safety is in our DNA. Every single day, hundreds of millions of people work in hazardous environments, and rely on their safety equipment to get them home every night. For over a century, Honeywell has been protecting workers with head-to-toe safety offerings, rooted in our industry experience and relentless drive to innovate. Today, our safety solutions protect the future of 500 million workers. In this future, safety solutions adapt to changing needs and environments.

They increase productivity and efficiency, instead of getting in the way. And above all, they don’t stop working until the last worker clocks out and gets home safely.


The Industrial IOT

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness and boost your business with Honeywell Connected OEM, the end-to-end, customizable solution for connecting the industrial IoT

Connected OEM gives original equipment manufacturers at-a-glance dashboards to remotely monitor their installed base: to track health, diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and cut site visits and corrective maintenance costs.

It also creates revenue opportunities for services, spares, and consumables, as well as through performance-based contract models. Crucially, by driving up the performance of assets, informing design choices and delivering overall equipment effectiveness, Connected OEM helps build customer loyalty, protect your reputation, and secure more repeat business and new sales.

Make Every Worker the Best Worker

Drive competency, productivity, and performance with the comprehensive, end-to-end Workforce Excellence program only from Honeywell.

Honeywell’s Workforce Excellence empowers each worker with insights and advice to make better decisions faster, work more effectively and help increase plant performance. The program is built around your people and defined by your business. Our consultative process is role-based and results-driven, tailored to meet your specific objectives.


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