Introducing the KT-2 Door Controller

KT-2 Wi-Fi Ready Two-Door Controller

The Kantech KT-2 Wi-Fi ready two-door controller offers integrators the ultimate experience in access control installation.

The KT-2 is configurable in two modes, providing advanced access control features when used with EntraPass Security Software (v8.40 and higher) or basic door security, without the need to connect to a host system when in Standalone Mode.

Featured Products

KT-2 Two-Door Controller

Kantech KT-2 Two-Door Controller

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity reduces installation costs
  • Single touch-sensitive button for fast plug & play installation
  • Intuitive configuration wizard for quick set-up
KT-2 Controller Backplate Replacement

KT-2 Controller Backplate Replacement

  • Upgrades KT-1 One Door Controller to a KT-2 Wi-Fi Two Door Controller
  • Includes Backplate only, no cabinet
  • Includes Wi-Fi Antenna
Metal Mounting Plate for Retrofits

Metal Mounting Plate for Retrofits

  • Mounting plate for KT-300 retrofits
  • Includes technical specification and wiring diagram sticker
  • Enables seamless KT-300 to KT-2 upgrade
Metal Cabinet Only for KT-2-BP

Metal Cabinet Only for KT-2-BP

  • Metal Cabinet for KT-2-BP
  • Provides necessary mounting points for simple KT-2-BP installs
  • Simple and unintrusive black design

Two-Door | Standalone Enabled | EntraPass Wi-Fi Ready

Man Using Computer With Security Devices

When used with the powerful EntraPass Security Management Software, the KT-2 provides more advanced, fully integrated access control features and the ability to connect to additional doors and controllers. This decreases programming time in the software, creates installation cost benefits and allows for a highly scalable access control solution.

Man Using Tablet in Shop

Ideal for sites that only need basic door security, the KT-2 two-door controller features an embedded web server which enables it to operate without the need for EntraPass software.

KT-2 Two-Door Controller Inside Features

Featuring an easy setup process, Standalone Mode simply requires the use of the web based quick set-up wizard to configure the system in minutes. For set-up in EntraPass Connected Mode, the KT-2 is designed to be plug and play with the press of the capacitive touch button to enroll in EntraPass.