Legrand Featured Technology

Legrand's RapidRun®

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Legrand's RapidRun®, a complete audio/video cabling system built to save you time and money.




Legrand Featured Technology

Outdoor Charging Station

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Legrand's Outdoor Charging Station, which brings safe, permanent power outside to enhance the way guests and employees utilize exterior space.




Legrand Featured Technology

Mighty Mo® 20 Rack System

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Legrand's Mighty Mo® 20 racking system, which offers you the flexibility needed across any size network and efficiency in both airflow management and network installation.




Legrand Featured Technology

C2G® Wireless A/V for HDMI®

Have 60 seconds? Learn about Legrand's C2G® Wireless A/V for HDMI® Devices, a plug-and-play system that allows you to connect seamlessly and begin your meetings and classes on time.



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