Leviton Black & White Industrial Grade Wiring Devices

Leviton’s Black & White® line of industrial grade plugs, connectors, flanged inlets and outlets offer superior performance, long-lasting reliability and features that are backed by a lifetime warranty. Available in NEMA and non-NEMA configurations, there's a connection for every application.

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1. Power Indication versions available

2. Durable Housing Material – Nylon Housing with superior V2 flammability rating per UL 94

3. Superior Strain Relief – Single piece external cord clamp assumes secure wire connection

4. Fast Assembly – captive triple head assembly screws have quick drive feature to speed installation

5. Quick Reorder – part number indicated on clamp for easy identification when in use

6. Better Grip - wider rubs on housing allows for better gripping

Target applications

  • Machinery and equipment in food processing and manufacturing
  • Panel builders in for temporary power applications
  • Cord set manufacturers
  • OEMs in all markets
  • Entertainment

Features and benefits

  • Industry leading lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA for faster production and delivery times
  • Single piece, rivetless solid brass contacts for reduced heat generation and better conductivity for longer life

Can easily be installed on portable cord for sizes 14, 12, 10, 8, 6 AWG!

Electrical connectors for current carrying loads under 60 Amps used in North America, these straight blade and locking industrial grade plugs and connectors offer superior performance and long-lasting reliability.