Leviton Wetguard Wiring Devices

Leviton's complete collection of Wetguard watertight wiring devices consists of plugs, connectors, inlets, outlets and FD boxes for use in demanding industrial locations. These devices are engineered to withstand abuse in indoor and outdoor wet and corrosive environments.

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1. Husk material – high-performance elastomer resists water, acids, oil, solvents and offers UV stability

2. Maximum sealing capacity – husk is molded to bondable nylon body for superior resistance to liquids

3. Simplified wiring – deep wire wells and clear back cover on wiring module allows for easy inspection of terminals

4. Superior electrical performance – heavy-duty, one-piece contacts resist friction and overheating

5. Easy identifcation – NEMA configuration and rating molded onto device face

6. Superior ingress protection – exclusive “tongue and groove” design provides maximum protection against water, dirt and debris

7. Better grip – deep-fluted, wider ribs for a firm grip when tightening compression nut

8. Easy wire insertion – extra large, deep wiring wells for quick, simple insertion of stranded conductors

9. Stainless steel hardware – non-magnetic stainless steel body assembly screws resist corrosion

10. Quick assembly – triple drive screws (Phillips, Slotted and Robertson) facilitate proper tightening

11.  Corrosion resistant components – electroless nickel-coated brass blades, contacts, wiring screws and wiring clamps resist corrosion

12. True watertight design – innovative strain relief system and compression nut provide a watertight seal and prevent cord slippage for multiple cord diameters

What makes Wetguard exceptional?

Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Wetguard has the best warranty in the industry for watertight wiring devices.

True Watertight Design

Multi-point sealing system forms an impenetrable barrier against water and dust.

Superior Strain Relief

The patented compression nut strain relief system ensures the integrity of the electrical connection.

How to install Leviton Wetguard watertight plugs and connectors

Target applications

Designed for indoor facilities with washdown requirements, or outdoor areas exposed to natural elements in the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Water Treatment
  • Construction
  • Marinas & Shipyards