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For over 100 years, Master Lock has been recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Master Lock offers a broad range of innovative security and safety solutions for consumer, commercial, and industrial end-users.  Master Lock and our sister brand SentrySafe are part of The Master Lock Company, which is an operating unit of Fortune Brands.

Master Lock is a Solution Partner.

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Master Lock knows business.

With 100 years of experience protecting factories, stores, job sites, schools, and other facilities, we specialize in protecting your business and personal property of your students, employees, or clients. Whether you need traditional keyed or combination locks, or more advanced access management and tracking, we've got you covered.





American Lock A3650 Series Key-Retaining Feature

American Lock A3650 Series Quick-Change Shackle Feature

Operating the Master Lock 5400D & 5401D Lock Boxes


Maintain a Master Lock Padlock

Lockout/Tagout Managment:

Lockout/Tagout Managment

Our system for a safer work environment.

On-the-job safety is critical. To protect workers during equipment servicing or maintenance, compliance with the OSHA Lockout Tagout standard is a requirement for organizations. Lockout compliance includes – but is not limited to – a lockout program, procedures, and training.

Master Lock has a comprehensive offering of lockout products and expert services to develop or complement your lockout system. Together, we make work environments safer.





S856 & S866 - Retractable Cable Lockouts

S3500, S3501, S3502 - Group Lockout & Permit Control Station

S600, S601, S602 – Group Lock Box with Window


S3821 - Grip Tight™ Plus Circuit Breaker Lockout 

Arc Flash & Electric Safety:

Arc Flash & Electric Safety

Our system for a safer work environment.

Better safety programs start here. Master Lock can guide your facility into OSHA and NFPA 70E® * compliance by creating, auditing, or updating your lockout tagout and electrical safety programs.