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 Why wait to protect RMR-Earning accounts & their valuation, when it takes as little as 10 Mins. and FREE net equipment cost to tradeup to universal StarLink® LTE Cellular?

3G & CDMA Sunsets are already happening in parts of the Country & POTs lines are disappearing.  In minutes, upgrade and safeguard every account, panel or FACP on old comm. networks by using StarLink LTE, today’s leading, low-cost universal cellular solution for Commercial Fire, Intrusion or Connected Home & Business applications (w/ native downloading).

Free & Painlessly, universally upgrade the alarm reporting to your choice of Central Station via AT&T® or Verizon® LTE networks - With StarLink, there are No extra modules or power to add, No panel reprogramming or rewiring required either.   StarLink’s unbeatable Free for All™ Tradeup Incentive Program saves you $100ea., as a credit on your StarLink Account, every time, every model, trading up old sunsetting networks, old radios (active or not), old POTS - even new installations.

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