StarLink Fire

As of this month, phone companies are not required by the Government to maintain or keep POTS lines working.

Now is the time to upgrade all fire accounts to the fire code-compliant wireless cellular/IP solution, StarLink Fire. It installs in minutes and replaces 2 phonelines per any brand 12V or 24V FACP, reporting to your choice of central station. Plus, they're on sale February/March - Buy 4 Get 1 Free on StarLink Fire, with an incredible net cost as low as $11.95ea*.

Average cost savings of thousands per year vs landlines

StarLink Fire will safeguard your accounts while you save them as much as thousands of dollars annually over leased landlines (2 per FACP), as you become their communications provider, reporting to your choice of central station. A win-win. 

Huge RMR opportunity for you on all fire accounts

Keep your accounts or takeover others. StarLink Fire is universal for all brands of FACPs and is panel-powered technology, requiring no new power or conduit. Installation takes under 15 minutes. You get new RMR and even new accounts. More on StarLink

Plus, get $100 back* on every StarLink from Napco

For every tradeup to any StarLink, sole path, dual path, mercantile or more - from POTs, old radios or new construction - Napco will credit your account $100 back on each one*. Read more on StarLink Free for all program

Handy free resources for your customers & AHJs

Questions? Ask an Anixter Associate

For more information on StarLink, free customer or AHJ literature, StarLink Fire trainings or for info on Napco Free for All promo, call 1-800-ANIXTER or contact your local security branch