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OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant

Have 60 seconds? Learn about NETSCOUT's OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant for automated network troubleshooting.

  • All-in-one: A network troubleshooting tool combining infrastructure, network service and end-to-end path performance test in one tool
  • Versatile: The OneTouch AT has a modular design: select the G2 module that has dual 10/100/1G copper/fiber optic Ethernet test ports and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi radio, or the 10G module that has 100M/1/10G copper and fiber Ethernet test ports
  • Standardize: Network engineers can pre-program AutoTest profiles for field technician that automatically run a suite of tests with the press of a button, enabling identification of the most common problems in about a minute
  • VoIP ready: The G2 Module troubleshoots desktop SIP/SCCP based VoIP problems in real-time with inline call monitoring, logging, and scoring
  • Centralized Management: The cloud portal offer visibility to all of test results and project progress from any NETSCOUT handheld network troubleshooting tools: LinkSprinter, LinkRunner AT, AirCheck G2 and OneTouch AT

NETSCOUT OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant Features

  • An automated all-in-one handheld tester for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, network service and network application troubleshooting
  • Automated testing with pass/fail analysis speeds identification of the most common problems in about a minute
  • Standardized network troubleshooting and performance validation empowers technicians of various skill levels to solve more problems with confidence
  • Features copper and fiber optic discovery and analysis, Wi-Fi discovery and analysis, extended set of network protocol tests, end -to-end path performance measurement to a peer or a reflector, inline VoIP analysis, inline packet capture and Wi-Fi packet capture