Nexans is a global player in the energy transition. Our purpose is to Electrify the Future and work towards a new world of electrification focused on safety, sustainability and innovation. We specialize in providing high-performance cables and solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, renewable, and utility markets. For more than 100 years, all of our cables are made in Canada in one of our manufacturing plants in Fergus, ON, Weyburn, SK and Montreal, QC.

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For single and multi-family dwelling units, Nexans manufactures high quality, reliable and innovative solutions that help electricians perform their job quickly and efficiently.

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Nexans wide assortment of safe and reliable commercial building cables ensure ease of installation and provide for the safety and efficiency of offices, retail establishments and public buildings.

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Manufacturing plants and industrial environments rely on the performance and reliability of our TECK cables, which are manufactured entirely in Canada.

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Utilities / Renewable Energy:

Nexans manufactures a complete line of utility wire and cable for power transmission, distribution and service entrance.
Nexans is also a “one-stop” manufacturer of solar utility grade products.

Residential Building Wire:

  • Canadex® NMD90
Canadex® NMD90

Commercial Building Wire:

  • AC90
  • RW90
AC90 & RW90

Industrial Building Wire:

  • ACWU90
  • TECK90
  • Medium Voltage Armoured 5 to 15 kV
  • DriveRX® VFD
ACWU90, TECK90, Medium Voltage Armoured 5 to 15 kV, DriveRX VFD

Utilities / Renewable Energy:

  • Medium Voltage Primary Distribution cable
  • Low Voltage Secondary Distribution cable
  • RPVU90


MV Distribution, low & RPVU90

Electrifying the Future Means … A Sustainable Future

When you choose Nexans cables, you choose more than just exceptional quality, you choose a Canadian made product and act for a more sustainable electrification.

Our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint spans across our manufacturing process and the materials we use = minimum 14% of recycled copper and 100% low carbon aluminum in our cable conductors.

Nexans is also proud to share the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for more than 90% all of our product families, providing full transparency on the carbon footprint of a cable along its whole life-cycle.


For over a 100 years, Nexans has been a trusted leader in educating the industry on wire and cable. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with our involvement in the Canadian Electrical Code and through insightful webinars that help industry leaders stay ahead.

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Nexans Canadex® NMD90 cable


Nexans Canada cables are made in Canada

Manufacturing Process from Montreal facility to Fergus plant