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Oberon offers the widest selection of indoor and outdoor wireless enclosures and aesthetic mounting solutions for securing wireless infrastructure in virtually every venue. Oberon’s products are used where the RF coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, and aesthetics are paramount in the network design and implementation.


Oberon is a Solution Partner.

Suspended and Hard Ceiling Locking Enclosures - Wi-Tile™

Suspended and Hard Ceiling Locking Enclosures - Wi-Tile™

These locking Wi-Fi and small cell access point (AP) enclosures provide security without compromising connectivity. Designed to replace a standard suspended ceiling tile, a full back-box permits access to the AP without opening the plenum space. This simplifies Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures in hospitals. Ideal for healthcare, financial, retail, and government facilities where security is paramount. The Wi-Tile surface finish matches most ceilings.



Panel, Suspended, and Hard Ceiling Recess Mounts - In-Plane

Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) and antennas, by their very nature, are highly visible. Oberon’s In-Plane ceiling mounting solutions recess the AP body into suspended, panel, or hard ceilings revealing only the wireless side of the AP. Optimum wireless performance is preserved while minimizing visual impact. These products are designed to aesthetically integrate wireless technology into any venue, especially architecturally, historically, or visually sensitive locales.


Open Ceiling and Right-Angle Wall Mounts - H-Plane™

Open Ceiling and Right-Angle Wall Mounts - H-Plane™

H-Plane™ right angle wall brackets allow the access point (AP) to be mounted on the wall in the ideal horizontal orientation for optimized wireless performance. Enhance wireless coverage in large venues such as auditoriums, conference rooms, exhibit halls, or open ceilings. Detachable vanity covers help conceal APs, cables, and antennas. Mounting solutions are available for all leading AP models.


Wall and Hard Ceiling Surface Mounts - Hi-Bar™

Wall and Hard Ceiling Surface Mounts - Hi-Bar™

Wi-Fi access points (APs) are getting larger and more difficult to blend into architecturally sensitive environments. Oberon’s Hi-Bar mounts and enclosures are ideal for securing, protecting, and concealing APs, cabling, and antennas on walls and hard ceilings. Designed for professional Wi-Fi installations in commercial, healthcare, and education venues. Mounting solutions are available for all leading AP models.

Modular Wireless Mounting Platform - M-Frame™

Modular Wireless Mounting Platform - M-Frame™

Mounting Wi-Fi access points in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces can be challenging and expensive. Oberon’s new M-Frame is a modular wireless mounting platform designed specifically to reduce access point and antenna installation time and cost in these challenging environments. The M-Frames facilitate cost-effective installation of APs and directional and omni-directional antennas from all leading vendors. Mounting options facilitate installation in most building constructions.

Wireless Enclosures - Secure, aesthetic, convenient

Oberon’s locking ceiling enclosures and antenna products preserve the integrity and safety of the ceiling system and air-handling  space  by  effectively moving  the  wireless  equipment into  a  conveniently  accessed  ceiling location. The ceiling enclosures generally look like a standard 2' x 2' ceiling tile, aesthetically concealing the wireless equipment. The products improve  wireless  infrastructure  physical  security  by  allowing the  wireless  equipment  to  be  "locked  down"  in  otherwise open office spaces. Wireless coverage is improved using the ceiling-mounted enclosures as the enclosure door provides an effective back-plane for the antenna, thereby optimizing the antenna pattern for in-room coverage. Moves, adds, and changes  are  facilitated  by  permitting  easy  access  by  authorized  personnel. When  you  use  Oberon's  ceiling  enclosures, once  the  enclosure  is  installed,  you'll  eliminate  the  need  to  lift  ceiling  tiles  in  search  of  above  ceiling  mounted  wireless equipment. Oberon's wireless product line includes locking enclosures for virtually any building construction, indoor and outdoor. This includes wall-mounted locking enclosures and cut-away ceiling enclosures for hard lid areas, and NEMA 4 enclosures for outdoor environments. The products are constructed of steel and aluminum and are electrostatically powder coated for an attractive, extremely durable finish.

Zone Enclosures - Bringing Bandwidth Closer to the User™

Oberon's zone and telecommunications enclosures offer flexibility by securing networking and A/V components in the workspace where they are needed. Mounting access switches in the workspace brings bandwidth closer to the user, and reduces congestion in the telecom room.

Manufacturing and Support

Oberon's specialty is wireless and telecom enclosure and mounting solutions, and the products are designed and tested by an experienced technical staff with extensive wirelessnetworking survey, design, and installation experience. Oberon's products have been tested with most of the industry-leading wireless networking vendor products. As a product and design service vendor, we provide outstanding support to our market channel partners - the distributors, network designers, installers, and integrators responsible for enterprise wireless LAN installation. Our combination of patent-pending, innovative products, and industry-experienced staff will provide the wireless infrastructure designer exceptional cost, performance, security, aesthetic, and installation value.

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Vendor-Specific WAP Enclosures and Mounting Solutions

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Aruba has teamed with Oberon to ensure the availability of Oberon enclosures and mounting solutions for use with a broad range of Aruba WiFi access points. Oberon products offer infrastructure security and environmental robustness, and can help ensure regulatory compliance while meeting end users’ aesthetics requirements. Working together, Aruba and Oberon optimize physical security, aesthetics, maintenance, and wireless performance.
Aruba Networks Enclosures and Mounting Solutions

Oberon is the only approved manufacturer of Wireless LAN access point enclosures and mounting solutions within the Aruba Networks Ecosystem. This program assures users that Oberon’s products have been tested for fit and function with Aruba Networks wireless products

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Oberon, a Cisco Solution Partner, is the only dedicated provider of enclosures and mounting solutions for Cisco access points. Oberon products provide physical security, environmental robustness, aesthetic installation, and optimal wireless performance for your Cisco wireless network.
Cisco Enclosures and Mounting Solutions

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Oberon is an approved manufacturer of Wireless LAN access point enclosures and mounting solutions within the Extreme Networks Partner Alliance. This program assures users that Oberon’s products have been tested for fit and function with select Extreme Networks wireless products.
Enclosures and Mounting Solutions for Extreme Networks

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