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On-Net Surveillance Systems raises safety standards with its award-winning IP-based surveillance software, Ocularis. OnSSI can help increase your security, reduce costs and get you closer to prevention – while putting intelligence, automation, and intuition at your fingertips, so you can effortlessly master the scene of any situation. OnSSI has been transforming public safety standards in schools, banks, cities, warehouses, offices, stadiums, and airports around the globe – and continues to be committed to powering your surveillance system so you can truly stay one step ahead.

Ocularis Product Comparison

Ocularis Professional


Scalable video management for small to medium single-and multi-site applications

  •  Unlimited number of cameras per system
  • Supports thousands of IP cameras and encoder models
  • Supports camera NVR and other third-party NVRs
  • Centralized user management and Active Directory support
  • Centralized alerts and event management
  • Third-party integrations for access control, POS, ATM, LPR, and more
  • Mix & Match feature for reduced system costs
  • Multi-layer, map-based navigation
  • Smart live camera video alerts with Ocularis Blank Screen Monitoring TM
  • Intelligent search and playback with Ocularis Kinetic Timeline TM
  • Investigation tools with Ocularis Timeslicer TM
  • Camera tampering alerts
  • Never Lose Sight TM with Critical Camera Failover
  • Local VideoWall support
  • Storage use optimization
  • Automatic daily configuration backup

Ocularis Enterprise


Surveillance video management centrally managed mid- to large-scale installations

All of the features of Professional plus:

  • Unlimited desktop, web, and mobile clients
  • Unlimited number of cameras per server
  •  VideoWall option for command and control centers
  • Centralized camera and recorder management

Ocularis Ultimate


Video management with failover and redundancy for large and complex environments

All of the features of Enterprise plus:

  • OpenSight option for multi-system video collaboration
  • Edge recording for tactical and mobile cameras
  • Failover and redundancy for data protection
  • Video Aging for efficient long-term storage



VideoWall Add-on

  • Enterprise-scale command and control center 
  • Unlimited cameras, displays and simultaneous operators
  • Supervisor management tool for multiple operators and video collaboration between operators
  • Map-based navigation

OpenSight Add-on

  • Access to multiple video surveillance systems in a single interface
  • Improves situational awareness and event responsiveness
  • Extensive user rights administration abilities
  • Integration of video and events from multiple Ocularis entities

Third-party Access Control Integration Add-on*

  • Bi-directional communication integration
  • Add-ons with CCure, Axis, and Lenel, with more to follow

*Individual integration features many differ. Please contact OnSSI for more details.

(Numerous other access control integrations available from other technology partners)


Ocularis Web and Mobile Add-ons

  • Monitor and control up to 16 cameras at full frame rate and resolution
  • Supported by all standard web browsers
  • Change cameras and view-groups on the fly
  • Support for any combination of resolutions

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